• ATP Leads Industry in Cable Coverage

    With the most complete cable coverage in the industry, ATP is the one-stop source for all types of automotive cables, including hard-to-find applications.

    “Millions of vehicles on the road today still use cables, providing excellent service opportunities for shops through the country, but finding replacement cables can sometimes be a challenge,” said Reuben Krugly, director of product management for ATP, Inc. “ATP has made a solid commitment to support the cable product category with complete coverage, including many part numbers that are difficult to find.”

    ATP offers a full line of speedometer cables and speedometer cable core kits. Also available are cables for the accelerator, clutch release, detent, transhift, manual shift and tailgate applications. Universal detent and choke/throttle cables are also supplied by ATP.

    To learn more about ATP cables, contact your ATP sales representative or call the company technical support team at 847-967-6790.

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