ATP Releases 35 New Numbers to Transmission Filter Category

ATP has further upgraded the Transmission Filter line with 35 new numbers covering 18 Million Vehicles. With 60+ years of experience in transmission service, providing OE filtration performance, innovative gasket technology and unmatched coverage, the ATP program is truly second to none.
On this release we offer increased coverage on top Domestic, Import and European applications through 2016 model years, a unique solution for popular ZF 8-Speed transmissions, and coverage on new DCT (dual clutch transmission) applications.

ATP Premium Transmission Filters are designed to capture internal transmission contaminants from standard to extreme operation and provide OE specified fluid flow, ensuring transmission longevity. Many filter kits include the exclusive 3rd Hand Pan Gasket which features guide holes that catch pan bolts, for fast and easy pan installation. The gasket material lays flat, requires no additional sealants and expands with the initial heat cycle to prevent leaks and retain bolt torque.

See the complete new number release here:
ATP New Number Annoucement - Transmission Filter Kits 6.2016

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