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  • ATP Releases 18 New Numbers in the Graywerks Category

    ATP has released 18 new numbers in the Engine Harmonic Balancer category. This release expands coverage to 25 million vehicles on mid and late model applications. Coverage includes further expansion on domestic, import and medium duty vehicles.

    ATP New Balancers Mar 2024

  • ATP Releases 25 New Numbers to Cable, Flexplate and Flywheel Categories

    flexplate q1

    cables q1

    ATP has released 25 new numbers in the Powertrain category including Automatic and Manual Transmission Shift, Detent, Accelerator and Clutch Cables, along with Automatic Transmission Flexplates and a Manual Flywheel. This release expands coverage on mid and late model applications now in the service interval age for these components. Many parts are previously dealer only and coverage includes further expansion on domestic, import and medium duty vehicles.

    Pioneer-ATP Powertrain New Item Release Q1 2021

  • ATP Expands with New Distribution Center


    Pioneer Automotive Industries and ATP have effectively expanded operations to include an additional 100,000-square-foot warehouse adjacent to its existing distribution facility and headquarters. The company has been an established aftermarket auto parts supplier based in Meridian, Mississippi, since 1946. In 2018, sister brand ATP Automotive merged operations with Pioneer, providing the brands a centralized shipping point in Mississippi.

    Pioneer Automotive Industries President Jorge Frias said: “The new building will allow Pioneer Automotive Industries to service customers of the Pioneer and ATP brands with streamlined order fulfillment while increasing inventory capacity for growing product lines.”

    Previously, Pioneer operated out of its company owned 200,000-square-foot facility and the new connected addition will provide a total of 300,000 sqare feet and 18 shipping and receiving docks for inventory and order processing.

    Frias commented “With recent new item growth in key areas including engine and transmission mounts from Pioneer, transmission filtration from ATP and flex plates and control cables which are currently available in either brand – the increased inventory capacity is our commitment to support our customer’s growth on these categories with the latest model coverage.”

  • ATP Releases 36 New Numbers to Transmission Filter Category

    ATP has released 36 new part numbers to its transmission filter product line. These new numbers add coverage for key late model applications and provide a quality alternative to previously dealer-only and niche applications. This expansion creates a market leading program with more than 330 available part numbers and substantial coverage for automatic transmission-equipped domestic and import vehicles, including latest 8 and 10 speed transmissions.

    ATP New Number Annoucement PDF - Transmission Filters 8.2020

  • ATP Acquired By The Lodi Group

    The assets of ATP – Inc. have been acquired by The Lodi Group of Monterrey, Mexico. Under new ownership, the company begins operation as Automotive Technology Products LLC (ATP), effective today with no disruption in business.

    The company says its first priority is to restore order fill to its extensive customer base and continue a long tradition of supplying the highest-quality with excellent customer service, near term.

    “As an OE manufacturer of flywheels, flexplates, ring gears and other related powertrain products, The Lodi Group is proud to add Automotive Technology Products to our family of companies serving the automotive aftermarket in North America and the rest of the world. With manufacturing capacity in place and redeployment of existing inventories, personnel and equipment, we plan to return service levels to normal and business as usual in a very short time,” said Jorge Frias, president of Automotive Technology Products LLC.

    Automotive Technologies Products LLC is an aftermarket supplier of transmission parts, kits chemicals and filters as well as flywheels, flexplates and cables. In addition, its Graywerks line of hard parts complete its broad product offering. The Lodi Group owns manufacturing facilities in North America as well as automotive aftermarket supply companies specializing in powertrain and transmission components.

  • ATP Releases 18 New Cables including Shift, Detent and Accelerator

    ATP has released, 18 New Cable part numbers covering 10.5 million additional vehicles.

    ATP Cables feature a quality polymer insulation to protect from corrosion and abrasions, ensuring long lasting performance. Each cable is designed to fit, look and perform like the original cable and includes all necessary brackets, grommets and ends, providing a comprehensive package from a single source.

    See the complete new number release here:
    November New Number Release - Cables

  • ATP Releases 23 New Differentials and 2 New Axle Disconnect / Actuator Parts

    ATP has released 23 New Differentials covering 11.5 Million Vehicles and a new axle disconnect / actuator covering 1.8 Million Vehicles.

    Front Differentials
    ATP remanufactured front differentials offer the best alternative to bench rebuilding or buying a used differential unit. And with our no-core program, you save time and hassle by not needing to return the core.

    Front Axle Disconnect Assemblies
    ATP Front Axle Disconnect Assemblies and Actuators are complete and ready to install to restore four-wheel drive operation. All units are designed to O.E. specifications in order to provide the same fit form and function as the original part.

    See the product release flyer here:
    August New Number Announcement - Differentials and Disconnects

  • ATP Releases 53 New Cabin Air Filters, in Activated Carbon and White Particulate Variants

    ATP Automotive is adding to its extensive line of cabin air filters with the addition of 53 new part numbers, totaling over 500 unique part numbers available. The new numbers will increase the industry leading program's coverage by 13 million vehicles. This line expansion adds both Premium as well as OE Replacement options for many foreign and domestic late model vehicles.

    ATP offers OE Replacement and Premium Filters, providing an upgrade opportunity for all applications.
    Premium Cabin Filters capture 98% of dirt particles, dust, mold spores and pollen entering the vehicle cabin, down to 3 microns. They work to eliminate odors with a highly porous coconut shell based carbon media.
    OE Replacement Cabin Air Filters capture 95% of dirt particles, dust, mold spores and pollen entering the vehicle cabin, down to 3 microns. The clean, chemical free material provides an entirely neutral filter.
    A new cabin air filter can improve airflow inside the vehicle, as over time the filters catch dirt, leaves and road grime that obstruct flow.

    See the complete new number release here:
    ATP New Number Annoucement PDF - Cabin Air 7.16

  • ATP Releases 35 New Numbers to Transmission Filter Category

    ATP has further upgraded the Transmission Filter line with 35 new numbers covering 18 Million Vehicles. With 60+ years of experience in transmission service, providing OE filtration performance, innovative gasket technology and unmatched coverage, the ATP program is truly second to none.
    On this release we offer increased coverage on top Domestic, Import and European applications through 2016 model years, a unique solution for popular ZF 8-Speed transmissions, and coverage on new DCT (dual clutch transmission) applications.

    ATP Premium Transmission Filters are designed to capture internal transmission contaminants from standard to extreme operation and provide OE specified fluid flow, ensuring transmission longevity. Many filter kits include the exclusive 3rd Hand Pan Gasket which features guide holes that catch pan bolts, for fast and easy pan installation. The gasket material lays flat, requires no additional sealants and expands with the initial heat cycle to prevent leaks and retain bolt torque.

    See the complete new number release here:
    ATP New Number Annoucement - Transmission Filter Kits 6.2016

  • ATP Releases New Product to Chemical Program: AT-100 Intake Blast

    AT-100 Intake Blast

    This month ATP has introduced a new product: AT-100 Intake Blast - Intake System Cleaner, a brand new addition to the ATP Premium Chemical program. AT-100 brings a unique solution to top end engine cleaning in a comprehensive kit, including everything you need to complete the service quickly, safely and efficiently.

    This highly effective product is perfect as a standalone service or add-on to any tune-up for the professional technician. The attractive packaging and ease of use also make the product appealing to DIY customers.
    Available now!

    AT-100 Intake Blast - Intake System Cleaner
    - Easy to use, aerosol charged solution for top end engine cleaning
    - Cleans intake system by dissolving carbon and oil deposits
    - Helps eliminate rough idle, hard starting, loss of power and pinging
    - Smoke free, catalytic converter and o2 sensor safe formula

    Recommended on EFI traditional fuel injected engines, over 75,000 miles (repeat every 25,000 miles) due to carbon build up over time.
    Critical for GDI gasoline direct injected engines every 15,000 miles as fuel does not flow through or clean the intake plenum, ports or valves.

    See the product flyer here:
    AT-100 flyer web

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