Front Bearing Retainer

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Front Bearing Retainer

Part Number : FX-235

Original Equipment (OE) Part Interchange


Features & Benefits

Manual Transmission Front Bearing Retainers wear and need to be replaced to ensure proper operation. This part is an bearing retainer popular on many 1968-89 Ford F Series trucks and Bronco with Warner 4-Speed Transmission.
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed original equipment specs


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Part Number
Front Bearing Retainer
Additional Details
Length (in inches)
Outer Diameter (in inches)

Fitment Notes

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1980 Ford Bronco All
1981 Ford Bronco All
1982 Ford Bronco All
1983 Ford Bronco All
1984 Ford Bronco All
1985 Ford Bronco All
1986 Ford Bronco All
1987 Ford Bronco All
1988 Ford Bronco All
1989 Ford Bronco All
1968 Ford F-100 All
1969 Ford F-100 All
1970 Ford F-100 All
1971 Ford F-100 All
1972 Ford F-100 All
1973 Ford F-100 All
1974 Ford F-100 All
1975 Ford F-100 All
1976 Ford F-100 All
1977 Ford F-100 All
1978 Ford F-100 All
1979 Ford F-100 All
1980 Ford F-100 All
1981 Ford F-100 All
1982 Ford F-100 All
1983 Ford F-100 All
1968 Ford F-350 All
1969 Ford F-350 All
1970 Ford F-350 All
1971 Ford F-350 All
1972 Ford F-350 All
1973 Ford F-350 All
1974 Ford F-350 All
1975 Ford F-350 All
1976 Ford F-350 All
1977 Ford F-350 All
1978 Ford F-350 All
1979 Ford F-350 All
1980 Ford F-350 All
1981 Ford F-350 All
1982 Ford F-350 All
1983 Ford F-350 All
1984 Ford F-350 All
1985 Ford F-350 All
1986 Ford F-350 All
1987 Ford F-350 All
1988 Ford F-350 All
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