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Tailgate Support Cable

Part Number : Y-508

Original Equipment (OE) Part Interchange

FORD: E8TZ9943052A
FORD: E8TZ9943053A

Features & Benefits

Tailgate cables connect the tailgate handle to the release mechanism. Old cables can bind, break, or just become sluggish. The best repair is to replace the old cable with a new one. ATP Tailgate cables are designed to fit and function just like the original part to ensure durability and long life.
  • Includes brackets, grommets, etc to match original
  • Installs just like the original part


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Part Number
Tailgate Support Cable
Product Type
Tailgate Support Cable
Length (in inches)
End Side 1
End Side 2
Jacket Finish
Jacket Material

Fitment Notes

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1987 Ford F-150
1987 Ford F-150 All
1988 Ford F-150
1988 Ford F-150 All
1989 Ford F-150
1989 Ford F-150 All
1990 Ford F-150
1990 Ford F-150 All
1991 Ford F-150
1991 Ford F-150 All
1992 Ford F-150
1992 Ford F-150 All
1993 Ford F-150
1993 Ford F-150 All
1994 Ford F-150
1994 Ford F-150 All
1995 Ford F-150
1995 Ford F-150 All
1996 Ford F-150
1996 Ford F-150 All
1987 Ford F-250
1987 Ford F-250 All
1988 Ford F-250
1988 Ford F-250 All
1989 Ford F-250
1989 Ford F-250 All
1990 Ford F-250
1990 Ford F-250 All
1991 Ford F-250
1991 Ford F-250 All
1992 Ford F-250
1992 Ford F-250 All
1993 Ford F-250
1993 Ford F-250 All
1994 Ford F-250
1994 Ford F-250 All
1995 Ford F-250
1995 Ford F-250 All
1996 Ford F-250
1996 Ford F-250 All
1987 Ford F-350
1987 Ford F-350 All
1988 Ford F-350
1988 Ford F-350 All
1989 Ford F-350
1989 Ford F-350 All
1990 Ford F-350
1990 Ford F-350 All
1991 Ford F-350
1991 Ford F-350 All
1992 Ford F-350
1992 Ford F-350 All
1993 Ford F-350
1993 Ford F-350 All
1994 Ford F-350
1994 Ford F-350 All
1995 Ford F-350
1995 Ford F-350 All
1996 Ford F-350
1996 Ford F-350 All
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