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Replacement Cabin Filter

Part Number : CF-112

Original Equipment (OE) Part Interchange

NISSAN: 27277AR225
NISSAN: 27277EG025

Features & Benefits

ATP Replacement Cabin Filters keep particles where they belong, outside. A static electrical charge has been applied to the filter media. This captures particles like pollen and dust spores so that they don't enter the passenger compartment.
  • Absorbent filter media traps particulates before entering the cabin
  • For odor protection see Premium Vent Filters


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Part Number
Replacement Cabin Filter
Product Type
Replacement Cabin Filter
Cabin Filter Length A (in inches)
Cabin Filter Width A (in inches)
Cabin Filter Depth A (in inches)
Product Note
Except Cabin Air Purification System; Except Technology Package

Fitment Notes

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2008 Infiniti EX35 All
2009 Infiniti EX35 All
2010 Infiniti EX35 All
2011 Infiniti EX35 All
2012 Infiniti EX35 All
2013 Infiniti EX37 All
2009 Infiniti FX35 All
2010 Infiniti FX35 All
2011 Infiniti FX35 All
2012 Infiniti FX35 All
2013 Infiniti FX37 All
2011 Infiniti G25 All
2012 Infiniti G25 All
2008 Infiniti G37 All
2009 Infiniti G37 All
2010 Infiniti G37 All
2011 Infiniti G37 All
2012 Infiniti G37 All
2013 Infiniti G37 All
2006 Infiniti M35 All
2007 Infiniti M35 All
2008 Infiniti M35 All
2009 Infiniti M35 All
2010 Infiniti M35 All
2003 Infiniti M45 All
2004 Infiniti M45 All
2006 Infiniti M45 All
2007 Infiniti M45 All
2008 Infiniti M45 All
2009 Infiniti M45 All
2010 Infiniti M45 All
2015 Infiniti Q40 All
2002 Infiniti Q45 All
2003 Infiniti Q45 All
2004 Infiniti Q45 All
2005 Infiniti Q45 All
2006 Infiniti Q45 All
2014 Infiniti Q50 All
2015 Infiniti Q50 All
2014 Infiniti Q60 All
2015 Infiniti Q60 All
2014 Infiniti QX50 All
2015 Infiniti QX50 All
2011 Infiniti QX56 All
2012 Infiniti QX56 All
2013 Infiniti QX56 All
2014 Infiniti QX70 All
2015 Infiniti QX70 All
2014 Infiniti QX80 All
2015 Infiniti QX80 All
2009 Nissan GT-R All
2010 Nissan GT-R All
2011 Nissan GT-R All
2012 Nissan GT-R All
2013 Nissan GT-R All
2014 Nissan GT-R All
2015 Nissan GT-R All
2016 Nissan GT-R All
2009 Volkswagen Routan All
2010 Volkswagen Routan All
2011 Volkswagen Routan All
2012 Volkswagen Routan All
2013 Volkswagen Routan All
2014 Volkswagen Routan All
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